Is Rolfing for you?

  1. BulletIs back or neck pain a constant issue?

  2. BulletIs it hard or impossible to comfortably sit and stand with good posture?

  3. BulletDoes your body present to the world, who you really are and your value?

  4. BulletWould a 5-10% increase in performance lead you to outclassing your peer group?

  5. BulletDo you know that "changing your physiology will change your psychology", but don't know what to do about it?

  6. BulletDo you suspect that an old injury is still effecting you?

  7. BulletAre you willing to spend the time for ten sessions, driving time, and up to 15 minutes per day practice time, to significantly change the way you sit, stand and walk, and increase your joint mobility?

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Back, neck, hip and knee pain are needless conditions in most peoples lives

Rolfing is:

  1. -Structural Integration

  2. -Movement Education

  3. -Body Refining

  4. -Processing for old injuries and emotional patterns

Victor Geberin

Processed his first client in June 1969 in a college residence hall.  He has continued full time, with a one year hiatus, since